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Best Teacher Gift Giver Ever.

THE PROBLEM: Teacher Christmas Gift Giving Stinks. Family gifts ✔Friend gifts ✔Teacher gifts... uuhhhhh... eerrrrr... hhmmmm... Bueller...? Teacher Christmas gift giving doesn't stink because we don't want to give to teachers. It stinks because we don't know what to...

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Playdates Are The New Babysitter

When you hear the word Babysitter what comes to mind? A 14 year old neighborhood girl? Robin Williams dressed as an 80 year old German granny? A box set of books from the 90's?   Well, my friends, it is 2018 and it is time to redefine babysitting!   Playdates Are The...

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We’re Bringing Komae to your Doorstep

If you're in love with the idea of sharing free babysitting between friends, but you're not sure how to get your community up and running, then you're in luck. Also, if you're someone who doesn't need sitting yourself, but you'd like help introducing Komae to a group...

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3 Reasons I Love the Side Hustle

I love me a side hustle. I honestly can't even count the number of side hustles I've had here and there over the course of life. Some of them have been in direct sales. Some have been helping my friends with their small businesses. One was starting my very own at-home...

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All Your Sitters in One Spot

Imagine it's Friday afternoon and you get a text from your friend, "Hey, what are you up to tonight? We have extra tickets to a concert and would love for you to join us. We're leaving in an hour." If you're single, or married without kids, you might be footloose,...

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Raining Resources : Be the Village

When someone reaches out to you and asks if they can write a blog sharing from their heart how finding community and finding Komae has touched their lives, you say yes. Thank you Whitney for these amazing words. Enjoy. The sky was gray, and intermittently spitting. It...

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3 Steps Towards Making Mom Friends

Why is making friends so hard? And why does it seem to get even more difficult as you age? We desperately long for community but don't always know how to find it in a comfortable, genuine, and lasting way. I know this because when parents find Komae for the first...

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Will he even remember me?

I have been brainstorming this blog for a few weeks now and have shed tears just at the thought of the words I am planning to share. I am telling you now, you may need tissues for this one. ---------- My name is Audrey Wallace and I am a full time working mom. [Insert...

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Home From Silicon Valley and Ready to Rise

As you may have read here in our blog, and hopefully witnessed on our Instagram channel, Audrey and I just spent two weeks in Silicon Valley at Women's Startup Lab. This trip took us away from our families and we were inundated with speakers, meetings, and business...

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