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Controlling Urges

We all get them. Those impulses to act on an obsessive thought. They can be to smoke, to clean, to drink, to eat or to check your phone nonstop. Giving into them leads to instant satisfaction, followed by feelings of guilt and ignoring them leads to deep, skin crawling discomfort.

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5 Tips for Surviving a Newborn

There are women who know from a relatively young age that their purpose on earth is to be a mother, and then there are women like me without a maternal bone in their body. Or so I thought. Before having my beautiful baby girl, I had ZERO experience with babies, wasn’t exactly fond of children, and had never held a newborn. I WAS TERRIFIED at the thought of having a human life in my hands, but don’t worry, this story has a happy ending.

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The Anti-Diet

Diet. That word just makes me cringe when I hear it. I like to just think of it as... "this is what I always eat." How can I do that? Well, all I had to do was make a lifestyle change, so it's really not considered a diet. I was always that girl who could eat whatever...

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The Saving Grace of Swapping Points

When parents first hear about swapping sits with friends in Komae, we get a lot of reactions. For some, they look at you like you just told them you invented an automatic laundry folder or a wine glass that refills itself. Am I right? For others, they can’t quite grasp why you wouldn’t just ask your friend for a favor.

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Komae Year in Review : 2017

*Coupon Code for Premium* Reflecting back on 2017 here at Komae, we are incredibly thankful. We’ve grown by 7500 users, expanded our team, moved to a brighter office, and closed a fundraising round of $500k. But most importantly, we’ve talked to our fans (that’s you!), we’ve listened, and we’ve reformatted our product to give you what you’re looking for.

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Play Cards: A Winter Break Essential

**FREE PRINTABLE PLAY CARD* Christmas break is here and playing is serious business to kids. So, we’ve created “play cards.” It’s like a business card, but for kids to keep in touch with their friends over break.

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Catching Up?

Moms and dads of small children need to find a way to reconnect with friends and family, apart from our kids. Too often I’ve made the mistake of scheduling a group play date thinking it will allow me time to converse with my adult friends.

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3 Reasons Parents are Bringing Village Back

Finally. A parenting app that gives us more free time, less guilt, and encourages us to spend LESS money. All at the same time! Since the Komae app has hit the scene, parents are learning how to lean on their village and allow their village lean on them.

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The Holiday Hustle

*Home Workout Video* Now, I don’t want to scare you right from the start, but did you know that the average holiday weight gain is 5-10lbs? 😯😯

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Not Another How-To Parent Blog

I am not here to say what is right or what is wrong. I am not here to tell you never to spank or only to breastfeed. There are plenty of How-To-Parent blogs out there.
What I am here to say is that you are the #1 most qualified person to decide what is right for your family.

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Merry Mail Display Sign

I bought a woodburner for around $10 and started writing on wood and creating personalized gifts such as coat racks for a new married couple, coasters, coordinates signs, etc. It took some time to become a decent writer, but totally doable.

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Essential Oils & Your Kids

Essential Oils are making quite the noise in the direct sales market, and it’s leaving many parent’s saying, “sure it’s natural… but is it safe for my kids?” Well, as one who uses and sells oils myself, I’m here to share a few best practices for how to safely use essential oils on your little ones.

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You CAN Choose Joy

Isn’t it interesting that jealousy is outwardly focused? It’s centered around someone else’s achievements & advantages. Those, my friend, you cannot control. What you can control is your own achievements & advantages and, more importantly, how you feel about them!

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