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Stay at Home Mommyhood: Turning the Call into a Reality

TAKE 6: I have attempted to write and failed to write this post approximately 6 times. Plus the countless times I've started it in my head but never got the chance to put it down in writing. As with anything, when you add a new baby to the mix, life gets crazy for at...

3 Tips for the Traveling Working Mom

You may have heard by now that Audrey and I are leaving for Silicon Valley to participate in the Women's Startup Lab this July. If you haven't, be sure to hop back to that article and get caught up on the details. As a little update for those tracking this journey, we...

The Joymility of Parenting

Yesterday I killed it. Last week I totally failed. I try to center myself on something that is more constant than the ups and downs of every day circumstance. It’s a little something my friends and I like to call Joymility. Here’s how it works…

To Raise Happy Kids, Put Your Marriage First

Some solid parenting advice goes a little something like this: The happier your marriage, the happier your children. Your children will mimic your behavior. They follow your habits from a young age, and that includes the way you interact with your significant other.

Challenges and Tips for Single Parents

“Even in the best of situations, raising a child these days is tough. There are more demands on your time and finances than ever before. Adding childcare to the mix can tax even the strongest soul. And when you are a single parent, those challenges can seem insurmountable.

5 Tips for Surviving a Newborn

There are women who know from a relatively young age that their purpose on earth is to be a mother, and then there are women like me without a maternal bone in their body. Or so I thought. Before having my beautiful baby girl, I had ZERO experience with babies, wasn’t exactly fond of children, and had never held a newborn. I WAS TERRIFIED at the thought of having a human life in my hands, but don’t worry, this story has a happy ending.

Not Another How-To Parent Blog

I am not here to say what is right or what is wrong. I am not here to tell you never to spank or only to breastfeed. There are plenty of How-To-Parent blogs out there.
What I am here to say is that you are the #1 most qualified person to decide what is right for your family.

Everything you go through, GROWS you.

There are parts of Everly’s story I wish I didn’t remember, I do. I hope that in writing this in some way, or form, it could help someone in some way, with healing. Whether the outcome of your birth story was the same as mine, or ended on a different page, I don’t know, I guess I am hopeful in some way this brings you peace. Or maybe I’m just simply hoping it brings me peace. Call me selfish, but each thing that happens to us in our lives, whether happy or sad… changes us. It helps forms us into who we are.

“Me Time” Mom Truths

There is just something so promising and magical when my husband says he’ll watch the littles for a bit so I can have some time to myself. I mean, time to myself is rare, extremely welcoming and I will literally take every minute I can squeeze out of it.


I’m no scientist, but I feel like I need to get my PhD to figure out if my child has a fever. Does anyone else have this same problem? The world of thermometers is full of fancy electronics, but when my kid is sick all I want is an accurate answer, right now, without wondering if my batteries are fully charged.

Store Your Kids Artwork with Keepy

Keepy is an app that allows you to organize, save, privately share, enrich, and treasure your kids’ memories as they grow. Whether it’s artwork, schoolwork, an award, or a photo, with Keepy you can easily cherish and look back on these special moments for years to come.

Bring on the Yellow School Bus

"Keep them little," they say. "Cherish every moment. You're gonna miss this." Those statements may be true, and maybe I'll read back on this blog in 10 years and cringe at every word, but can I just be honest for a moment?  I'll just come right out and say it.  I LOVE...

Confessions of a #BoyMom

“Keep your feet on the ground, boys.” I snapped that at my sons recently after feeling challenged about how they behave. They were being all wild, daring, and boy-like, climbing on something risky. Usually I celebrate them taking a risk but that day I tried to tame...

A Busy Mom’s Ultimate Laundry Hack

Laundry is My Arch Nemesis Let me be more specific- it is folding laundry that I really have beef with. If you’ve seen the new Lego Batman movie, folding laundry is pretty much my Joker. We’ve battled since the beginning of time and if you’ve been to my house it’s...

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