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2 Akron moms making waves in the tech world with babysitting app expanding into pet sitting

October 22, 2018

AKRON, Ohio – Two moms from Akron are making waves in the tech world. Audrey Wallace and Amy Husted started an app in 2016 called Komae. It’s a babysitting app that has seen global success. Now, it’s expanding into pet sitting. The concept is pretty basic, you create a profile, put your kids or pets on there, and invite your friends into the network.

“It’s an ‘I sit for you, you sit for me mentality,'” said Audrey Wallace.

It’s just friends exchanging favors and the app monitors if those favors are returned using a point system.

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Baby-sitting app adds pet-care swapping service

October 18, 2018

Want someone to walk your dog? Feed your cat? Two area women have an app for that. A growing baby-sitting app created by two Akron-area women is going to the dogs — and cats.

The app — called Komae — launched in 2016 as a way for parents to swap free child care with friends. With some 16,000 users, it’s named for the Greek word for village, kómé. Users of the app build “villages” of people they know and then use the app to send out requests for baby-sitting to people in their villages. Think of the old-school baby-sitting co-op in the form of an app.

Earlier this year, Komae founders Audrey Wallace and Amy Husted noticed that more and more customers were using the app to get help with their fur babies.

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Why Didn’t I Think Of That? Idea to Implementation for Moms

June 12, 2018

Sunit interviews the founders of Komae- a childcare app that has filled a gap that seemed to exist in the world of babysitters and nanny services. The idea is genius, and will have you thinking, “why didn’t I think of that?”. But more importantly, Amy and Audrey answer Sunit’s questions about how they got started, and what has helped them go from being simply having a lightbulb moment to actually turning it into a thriving business. They share wisdom that will inspire any mom thinking of taking an idea and turning it into something more. Listen in as they share their story and practical tips!

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Babysitting app Komae, based in Akron, puts tech spin to sharing child care 

February 6, 2018

It’s expensive and time-consuming to find a babysitter for date night. So mom-entrepreneurs Audrey Wallace and Amy Husted created a business to fix that.

Their website and free app, Komae, manages a babysitting co-op among friends. Moms earn points when they watch other people’s kids, then use those points to get babysitting for date nights or other appointments. No money ever changes hands…

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Finding You Time As A Busy Parent With the Founders of Komae

January 29, 2018

In today’s episode your host Megan Hall interviews Amy Husted & Audrey Wallace the founders of Komae.

Komae was born out of Audrey & Amy’s real life struggle as moms to find affordable, trustworthy, convenient, and guilt-free care for their families. To solve their own problem, they built the first sharing economy for child care. In Greek, Komae means Village. For parents, it means free time…

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Akron-based, female-owned Komae completes fundraising round

December 14, 2017

An Akron-based, self-described “female-founded tech startup” company says it has secured $500,000 in a “pre-seed investment round.”

It did it by turning to female investors in the area — 20 of whom ponied up the cash to back Komae Inc., which aims to develop new software for the sharing economy…

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Ohio moms develop Komae babysitting app

June 27, 2017

They say it takes a village to raise a child. A new app is using that idea to help parents create a network of reliable babysitters. Audrey Wallace and Amy Husted, co-founders of the Komae app, stopped by to show us how it works.

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Komae interview on News 5 Cleveland

June 22, 2017

News 5 Cleveland anchor Terrence Lee visited Komae co-founders Audrey and Amy and talked to Tara Deetscreek, artist and Komae Mom, who shared how having a Village in the Komae app allows her to have more date nights and work on her art while her 5 year old plays with friends.

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Babysitting for free without guilt? Here’s a new app to help busy parents

June 20, 2017

To use the app, you create your own “village,” or network of moms that only you invite or accept (kind of like Friends on Facebook). We talked to the creator and a local mom who uses it. Kristen Cash has the comfort of knowing her trusted friend is watching her kids, for free, with no mom guilt. “Nobody feels like they’re being taken advantage of because everybody is earning and spending the same,” said Cash.

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A Mamapreneur Solution to Every Mom’s Problem

February 20, 2017

Amy Husted and Audrey Wallace are the co-founders of the childcare app Komae, pronounced co-may. I loved chatting with these two, not only because these are two truly brilliant business moms, but also because I can’t wait to get my own network of friends on board with their product! You’ll absolutely love hearing from them.

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‘FREE’ babysitting? 2 Akron moms have an App for that.

January 10, 2017

Husted and Wallace saw a niche, SAW THE POSSIBLE, and made it happen. “Parents are literally saying I need this yesterday! How can I get this in my life? So we thought there needs to be an app for this and we developed it into Komae,” says Wallace. The 2 self-proclaimed “mom-prenneurs” say it’s basically babysitting bartering, exchanging points instead of cash.

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Komae app makes it easier to trade baby-sitting services

January 7, 2017

Parents know the baby-sitting drill: Call the grandparents. Text the friends. Offer the teenager down the street extra pay if she’ll cancel her Friday night plans. All so you can get someone to watch your kids for a few hours. But a couple of entrepreneurial moms have developed an app that promises to eliminate those hassles.

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Cleveland startups to watch in 2017: Tech Czar Talk

January 6, 2017

The company has developed an app that empowers parents to exchange free babysitting with their personal network of friends. A user’s babysitting requests only show up to other parents the user has personally selected as trusted sitters. Instead of spending money on the teen-aged babysitter, parents earn Komae points.

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Amy Husted and Audrey Wallace: Millennial Entrepreneurship

December 9, 2016

On this episode of the podcast, Husted and Wallace explore the strengths they bring to the table as Millennials, explain how Komae works and share advice for turning an idea into an enterprise.

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It Takes a Village : Two Akron-area women are confident Komae can transform babysitting

July 2016

Audrey Wallace and Amy Husted met eight years ago and formed a friendship that only grew stronger when they both became moms.  As the two women worked hard to raise their children, the idea for a business that would address one of the biggest needs in their lives began to take shape.

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Local women show initial success in launching baby-sitting app

April 29, 2016

When Akron-area women Amy Husted and Audrey Wallace arrived at the Female Entrepreneurship Summit in Cleveland last October, the only thing they knew about elevator pitches is what they learned binge-watching ABC’s Shark Tank the week before.

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Watch Power: Entrepreneurs and young mothers Amy Husted and Audrey Wallace develop babysitting app for “villages” to share

December 8, 2015

While serving as life group leaders at Grace Church in Bath, friends Amy Husted and Audrey Wallace learned they were not alone in their quests to find reliable and affordable childcare. Like the families they ministered to, the women longed for a few hours they could spend on a date with their husbands, sipping coffee with a friend or simply readying the house for a party. Further, they wanted assurance their children would be playing with other children under the supervision of a trusted adult.

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FES pitch competition awards $20,000 to female entrepreneurs, including winners Amy Husted and Audrey Wallace of Komae

October 28, 2015

The fourth-annual Female Entrepreneur Summit, presented Oct. 21 by Contempo Communications and Cleveland Business Connects magazine, introduced a pitch competition this year. Local female entrepreneurs with business ideas were eligible to apply to the pitch competition for a chance to win a grand prize of $10,000 to use toward growing and implementing their businesses.

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Akron moms develop babysitting exchange app

October 8, 2015

Finding a babysitter is never an issue for a big group of Akron parents. That’s because two moms started a system to exchange babysitting services with their friends. Now, they’re trying to develop an app that will let people around the world do the same thing.

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Komae on WTVQ Lexington, KY

October 5, 2015

Komae Co-Founders, Amy Husted and Audrey Wallace, talk Komae during their Kickstarter campaign in the fall of 2015.

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