Cooperative Childcare for Employers

Friends, family, and colleagues are core to every family’s childcare solution. It’s free (or extra affordable), community-strengthening, and insulated to their most trusted circle. That’s why thousands of parents nationwide use Komae co-ops to self-organize their care.

Now you, the employer, can extend those benefits to your working parents.

  • You get a group exclusive to you within the Komae mobile app.
  • We provide rich publishable content to build the community.
  • Every month we host (virtual) meet-and-greets, kids activities, and deep discussions that bring parents together.

And families gain the built-in trusted network of colleagues to cooperatively meet their diverse childcare needs, flexibly and affordably.

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We serve clients from 80,000 employees to 12, geographically central to widely dispersed. Our team can advise exactly how cooperative care fits into your structure. Komae is suitable as a stand-alone benefit or as a complement to daycare and for-hire care offerings.

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