Wana + Komae

The easiest way to start a babysitting co-op.

created by moms for parents everywhere.

Amy & Audrey started an old fashioned co-op with 10 friends in Akron, Ohio. After one year, 165 sit swaps, and saving $10,000 collectively, they knew this was a parenting hack every parent needs! They also knew how much work it was to maintain.

So they created Komae, the first babysitting co-op app.

Soon after that, in Los Angeles, California, Erin Beck began building Wana Family Network, another company which shares the Komae mission.

As of June 20th, 2019, Wana has acquired Komae and will continue to carry the torch, bringing co-operative childcare to the masses. While Amy & Audrey will still both be around, they are incredibly excited to see where Erin takes Wana+Komae next!

Old School Co-op. Modern Day App.

Families Joined

Groups Created

Dollars Saved

How it works.

I sit for you. You sit for me. We don’t pay for sitters anymore.


Send friend requests to connect with people you know and trust.


Create a group on the app and invite your members to make it easy to connect.


The app alerts your Village when you post a request for care.


Let others know when you are free, encouraging them to post a sit.


Your personal info visible only to people on your approved friends list.

Point Bank

The app automates point transfers & shows you how much $$ saved!
Build Your Babysitting Coop Profile with the Komae App

Your Profile

Think of your profile like a digital sitter info sheet.

List your kids’ favorite foods, allergies, nap schedules. List the breed and habits of your pets. Anything to help your friends and sitters give the best care to your family.

Add your address so they can navigate to your house, your phone number so they can easily call or text, and an alternate contact in case they can’t reach you.

This information is kept 100% secure. It’s only visible to people on your approved friends list.

Build a Village

Your Village is your circle of trust. Your people. 

Your babysitting co-op is centered around you. Only people on your approved friend list can see your profile and your posts.

If you are in a parent group like MOPS, MOMS Club, PTA, etc, you can make a group on the app to help everyone connect easily.

Want to get to know someone new? Use Komae to suggest a playdate, meetup at a park, get to know each other, and build a relationship. Then invite them into your Village.

Exchange Babysitting with Parents Near Me
Free Babysitting Coop App

Schedule Sits

Ask Once. Everybody hears you.

Stop texting around to find a sitter. The waiting game isn’t just frustrating. It’s inefficient.

When you post a need on Komae, we will notify your entire village. If they’re available, they can tap to offer. Watch for those offers to come in. Choose the one that’s best for you and enjoy your free time.

You can also post when you’re available to help your friends. Not going anywhere this Friday night? Offer to host a play date and earn points for when you need free time.


Meet New Friends

Love the idea of swapping sits but looking for friends to be in your Village? Komae can help!.

If you see someone with similar interests that you’d like to get to know, send them a message, suggest a playdate on the app, meetup at a local park, then add them to your Village when you are ready to start swapping sits.

Yes, it’s kinda like a friend making app, too!

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