Komae Babysitting Co-op App

To all of our Komae families and friends,

We come to you with heavy hearts to share with you that as of May 30th, 2019 the Komae babysitting exchange app will no longer be available.

Believe us when we say this has been a hard, long decision that has caused far more grey hairs than we’d like to admit.

Audrey told her 7 year old that we were going to be closing Komae. That night after bedtime she noticed he was still awake so she went into his room. He looked up at her with a very serious face and said,

“Mom, I’ve been thinking about Komae. What you need is more moms and more money to keep it going. And I thought I could make a video telling everyone on the internet that’s what you need so they will help you.”

You don’t know Audrey’s son, but the only thing he hates more than being videotaped is having that video be shared on the internet. So his willingness to go outside his comfort zone in order to keep our dream alive squeezed her heart in the way only your own child can. If only it were that simple, sweet son.

Friends, if you have followed our journey, you know we poured all of ourselves into this project with the mission to bring cooperative care to all of you. We know it is something God called us to create. We don’t know why He has brought it to this sunset phase, but we are trusting that His plan is greater than any business plan we could ever create. Sunsets are beautiful, after all, and they prepare us for new beginnings.

And so we thank you for being in our village and for being a believer. We cherish every one of you.
With all our hearts,

P.S. A few technical details since we’re sure you’re wondering:

  • The app will remain available until May 30th, 2019. After that, it will no longer function.
  • If you bought a monthly Komae Membership through the app store, you need to cancel your subscription through your app store account.
  • If you bought a monthly Komae Membership through our website, we will stop all payments as of May 1st.
  • If you bought an annual Komae Membership and would like to reach out to us regarding your subscription, you can do so below.
  • If you are a Komae fan and would like to tell us how much you loved Komae, we’d sure like to hear that, too.

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