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How Komae Works

Komae is a cooperative childcare app, providing a flexible care management option for parents. On Komae, parents swap ‘Komae Points’ with other families as a way to manage and coordinate care for their children within a trusted network. I sit for you. You sit for me. We don’t pay for sitters anymore. Huzzah!

If you’re someone who needs to receive more help than you’re available to offer to others, Komae has made points available for purchase. Likewise, if you’re someone who serves others more than you need care for yourself, Komae offers year round ‘cash-in’ opportunities where you can use your excess earned points to purchase awesome products and gift cards. In this way, the app can be used to coordinate the rotation of care days and communicate needs within trusted groups regardless of your capacity to give.

Trusted Care

No matter how big Komae’s network grows, your babysitting requests only show up to other parents you have personally connected with on the app.

Cash Savings

Babysitting on Komae is free when you’re trading equally with friends. And if you need to purchase points, it’s only $5 an hour!

Create Groups

Create groups on the app and invite your neighborhood, school group, or colleagues to join.

Post a Need

Send one message to let your entire village know when you need a sitter and say goodbye to playing phone tag.

Post an Availability

Have a free night? Need more points? Post an availability encouraging your network to post a sit.

How Komae Can Work For You


Click to learn how Komae can serve as a valuable employee benefit in your workplace.

Working Parents

Click to learn how Komae can help you coordinate the care you need to get to work.

Parents at Home

Click to learn how Komae can help you insert some free-time back in your day-to-day.

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