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If you’re looking to know the nitty gritty of how the Komae app works, then you’ve come to the right place.
Why use Komae?

In Komae, you hand pick your group of trusted friends to exchange free babysitting. Rather than texting around or feeling guilty about asking for a favor, Komae let’s you ask all your friends at once. They make offers and you pick the one that’s most convenient for you.

What does Komae cost me?

Komae is free! Make an account and get started with free babysitting right away because we give you 5 points to cover your first sit. Need more points? Offer to watch your friends’ kids or check out our premium account.

What does Komae save me?

The national average for an hour of babysitting is $18/hr. The average Komae sit is 3.5 hours. That’s $63 for just one sit if you don’t have Komae! Imagine how much you can save in a year…

How do I find my friends in Komae?

There are 3 ways to find friends in Komae

  1. Link to Facebook- this allows you to share Komae on your page and send private messages inviting friends to join Komae. Once they join and link their account to Komae, they will show up on your list as an option to easily add to your Village.
  2. Search by name and send a direct invite to your Village.
  3. Search by email and send a direct invite to your Village.
How do I make a sitting request?

Click on Post a Need. Enter the date, time, location, children, and any special notes about where you’re going or tips about your kids. Click submit and your entire Village will be notified.

How does the point system work?

Points are automatically calculated by the app as you put in the details. 1 Komae Point = 1 hour.

Bonuses: There is a 1 Komae Point bonus if there is more than 1 child and 1 Komae Point bonus if the sit happens on the weekend (5pm Friday – Sunday).

If you ask for the sitter to come to your home, it is 1.5 Komae Points/hour. This is a perk to thank the sitter for leaving their home in order to help you out.

Do I pay more if I request the sitter to come to my house rather than drop my kids off?

If you ask for the sitter to come to your home, it is 1.5 Komae Points/hour. This is a perk to thank the sitter for leaving their home in order to help you out.

Can I adjust the details of my sit after I post it?

Yes- simply click on the three dots on the top right of your sit. Choose Edit Sit.

What if I’ve made an offer on a sit and the requester changes the details?

You will receive a text saying the details have changed and your offer will be removed. If you are still available, be sure to make another offer to let your friend know.

What if no one makes an offer on my sit?

You can send a reminder! Click on the three dots on the top right of your sit and select Send Reminder. Komae will text a friendly reminder to your Village. If the time passes and no one has offered, the sit is canceled and the points return to your bank.

What are the maximum and minimum points I can have in my account?

The minimum is zero points. The maximum is 15 points. This is to encourage the cycle of reciprocity. If you are low on points, offer to help. If you are high on points, post a request!

How do I know how many points I have?

Your point total is the number in the circle on your profile picture.

Who should I allow in my Village?

We recommend you invite friends you know and trust to join your Village. We also love seeing new friendships made! If you meet someone new and want to share free sitting, we suggest you meetup for a play date to get to know each other first.

Where do I see sits I have posted?

Click Needs on the menu and go to the “Mine” tab. All of your unfulfilled sits are listed there.

How do I offer to fulfill someone else’s sitting request?

Click Needs on the menu and go to “Theirs” tab. You can make a comment to your friends. If you click Not Available, the sit is removed from your view. Your friend is not notified. If you click I’m Available and Continue to confirm, your friend will be notified about your offer and can choose to accept it.

Where do I see sits I have scheduled?

Click Needs on the menu and go to “Scheduled” tab. All sits you have agreed to do for friends and sits friends have agreed to do for you are listed there.

What if I receive more than one offer for my request?

You’re in luck! Your friends are so generous. You get to pick the offer that is most convenient to you. Your friends don’t know who all has offered. The person you pick will get a message that they were selected and anyone you don’t pick will receive a message that they were not selected.

How do points get transferred after the sit has taken place?

The app makes this super easy for you! 24 hours after the end of the sit the points automatically transfer. In that 24 hour window the requester can adjust the amount of points if necessary. Did the sit ran long? Add points. Pick up early? Reduce points.

What happens if someone reduces the points after a sit happens?

There is a confirmation process. The sitter receives a text saying a point reduction was suggested. The sitter needs to confirm the new point total. If the sitter does not confirm the reduction, the points go through at the initial amount after the 24 hour window.

What if someone has offered to take my request but I’m not really interested in leaving my kids with them?

That’s OK! Komae is designed to be guilt-free. You can either choose a different offer or don’t choose anyone at all. You are the only one who sees who has made offers.

How will I be notified if there are babysitting requests to be filled?

If you have your phone number in your account you will receive a text message notification.

How can I grow my village?

Host a Komae Mommy Meetup! Invite all the parents you know. Think of parents from your kids’ school, your neighborhood, your church, work, that mom you always chat with at the playground while your kids play. Invite them to join you in Komae. Share Komae on your social media, post in the Komae KomUnity Facebook group looking for others in your area.

What happens if I don’t have enough points to pay for my sit?

Points are withdrawn from your account as soon as the sit request is posted. If you do not have enough points you will not be able to post the sit. We suggest posting your availability so your friends can make a request and you can earn points.

What happens if I offer on a sit that would give me more than my maximum # points?

The best thing to do is post a request for yourself. The points will be deducted from your account immediately which will make room for the points that you will receive from the new sit. Otherwise, your friend will only be charged the number of points you have room to receive.

How do I report issues with a babysitting exchange experience?

Email us at info@mykomae.com

How can I earn points if my bank is low?

Post your availability! Type in the date(s) and time(s) that you are available so your friends can post sit requests for you to fulfill.

Who sees my personal info?

Your first & last name and profile picture are the only things that are public. All other information about you, your home, and your children are private to people you mutually agree to have in your Village.

Why do you ask for my child’s birthday?

We ask for the child’s birth month and year because we want to make sure the sitter knows how to care for each child. Sometimes we know one child well but not the siblings. The more information you provide about your child, the better your friends can care for them.

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