Komae Mommy Meetups

Why host a Komae Mommy Meetup?

Audrey Wallace, Komae Co-Founder, explains why Komae Mommy Meetups are awesome.

We hear from moms all the time that they LOVE Komae and they want help getting their friends started swapping sits. 
So we created a simple and fun way to kickoff Komae with your Village…

Hosting a meetup is the easiest way to get started with your friends, an existing co-op, or a moms group.

What is a Komae Mommy Meetup?

  • Gather your friends together
  • Serve yummy snacks
  • Learn how to use Komae
  • Meet new friends to grow your Village
  • Free babysitting for all – Huzzah!

How do I host a Komae Mommy Meetup?

This ain’t your mama’s Avon party so tell your friends to leave their wallets at home.
You’re not asking them to spend money, you’re showing them how to save money!
Make it moms-only, kid-friendly, or full family fun. It’s your party & you can do what you want to!

Night out with wine & cheese
Morning in with coffee & muffins
Playdate with kids & goldfish

The goal is to gather together your mommy friends and have them invite their mommy friends, too.
Everyone will learn about free babysitting with Komae, laugh, connect, and meet new friends to add to their Village!
Register your meetup and we’ll send you everything you need to host an awesome party.

I’m in!  Now what?

Here are the 3 simple steps to get started:

Check planning off your list!

We know your to-do list is long, so we have made it super simple to host a Komae Mommy Meetup.
You don’t even need to fully understand how Komae works! You and your friends will learn together.

Our Hostess Packet is filled with invites, videos, itinerary, answers to FAQ’s, and fun tips for making this the best Komae Mommy Meetup without adding anything except “invite your awesome friends” to your to-do list!

Let’s do this.

Pick a date, register your meet up, and text your friends.  Voila!  You’re ready to get your free babysitting party started.

*CONTEST DISCLAIMER: No purchase necessary. One winner each month chosen by a Komae team member. By submitting a photo using #MyKMM, Komae reserves the rights to publicly share this photo at any time. Photos will be judged on photo clarity, relevance to Komae Mommy Meetups, and creativity. Chances of winning depends on the number of entries each month. Each winner will be notified on the 15th of the following month. One $50 Target gift card will be sent directly to the chosen winner via mail or email.


Komae Mommy Meetup Tips!

Here are some fun ideas from our Komae moms about what made their Komae Mommy Meetup awesome!

Have idea you’d like to share? Let us know!


  • Make a Facebook event or e-vite and offer a perk to friends who bring a friend.
  • Snacks! Keep it simple or get your Pinterest on. Our favorite themes revolve around coffee or wine.
  • Have a small prize for the first person in the room to post a sit during the meetup!
  • Get name tags. This helps people remember each other’s names so they can easily connect on Komae
  • Babysitter probs? If you host it in your home, have your hubby watch the all the kids in the playroom while the moms enjoy the meetup!

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