Real Komae Parents

We absolutely love getting out of the office and talking to our customers and are thankful for the testimonials they share with us. Have a Komae win you’d like to share with our KomUnity? Contact us and let us know what you love about the app!

Everyone wins when you swap free time with friends.

  • You get trusted care from a friend.
  • Your friend  gets points for free sits later.
  • Your kids get to play with their friends.

It has helped my daughter become more socialized with other kids, both her age and older. She loves having friends over now!


It’s so nice as a mom knowing that my child is in good hands with someone that has similar life values.


When it was the first time leaving the baby, we were thankful to be able to leave the kids with an experienced mom versus a high school student.


My son is an only child, so sitting other children is a huge blessing for him.


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