You’ve seen technology constantly evolve in the classroom and in our homes. Sometimes it feels hard to keep up and most of the time it feels unnecessary and over the top. Heck, with the speed at which technology changes, our kids are often better at using it than we are. #amiright

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, the world is revolving around technology now more than ever. With the technology many of us already have in our own home, we are showing social distance and remote work who’s boss! Our generation has never been more prepared for a time like this considering the tools available to us and the way we adapt to new technology so quickly. 

Now consider this… what if we could use the same tools that are solving our social distane and remote work woes to solve our school closure woes? If working from home is stressing you out and you could use an hour to get some tangible work done, we’ve got an idea for you. 

Have you heard about ‘Digital Nannying’? It might surprise you that it has been around for a while now and originated in elder care as a way to do health check-ins with seniors who could otherwise care for themselves. ‘Digital Nannying’ means having a camera set up in your home so you are able to check in with your kids while you’re out at the store or at work. Or for those times when you’re simply wanting to watch your child fall asleep from the room next door. 

Traditionally, ‘Digital Nannying’ is used for many reasons:

  • Connecting with your child while you’re away and they’re otherwise under a trusted caregiver’s watch
  • Checking in to make sure they are safe at home (assuming they are old enough, of course!)
  • Educational tool such as apps with a ‘nanny’ teaching your children 

Wana Family Network is introducing ‘digital nannying’ as a way to coordinate digital playdates for your children when you need a few distraction-free minutes.

Instead of taking the risk of an in-person swap during a season of social distancing, you can use the Komae app every day (even multiple times a day!) for quick and easy digital swaps.

We encourage you to use the Komae app for digital swapping to get a little bit of focused work done while the kids have fun connecting with their friends and other trusted parents. Hear us on this one, though… Digital sit swaps are not to monitor safety but rather to keep the kids entertained long enough to do the dishes, hop on a conference call, or just to get a break. 

For example:  Request a sit through the app simply saying, “Hey friends, I need an hour to get the house organized, would anyone like to video chat the kids?” 

Say hello to “care breaks” and “digital sits,” and download the Komae app today!

Haven’t done a video chat before? There are an ample amount of free platforms available that are user-friendly such as, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, and Facebook Messenger.

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What if babysitting were free?
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