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Simple, But Purposeful Generosity.

One of the things I’ve found most effective in building friendships is to live with a spirit of generosity. I think it's a wonderful and easy way to spread joy and to create positive change in your community. Audrey and I talked about this topic LIVE on Facebook this...

Being Mindful and Strengthening our Relationships

Last week, we got real on Facebook live to talk about mindfulness and how it can play a positive role in your friendships and your self care. In case you missed it, here's a quick link to watch. Mindfulness : the quality or state of being conscious or aware of...

3 Reasons I Love the Side Hustle

I love me a side hustle. I honestly can't even count the number of side hustles I've had here and there over the course of life. Some of them have been in direct sales. Some have been helping my friends with their small businesses. One was starting my very own at-home...

Creative pursuits for your newly found free time

We’ve all done it. You finally have some free time and oddly you don’t know how to use the time. The easy option is to switch on the TV or start scrolling, but to really fill your cup it might be worth considering a creative pursuit which is fun and is good for you!

Self Care for Mama

*Includes 10 minute self care dry brushing and foam rolling video* “My needs came dead last. The baby, my husband and even the animals took priority over my basic needs of food, drink and hygiene. It took me months to slowly remind myself that I matter too.”

Feed me!

While I 100% believe that you need both to be healthy, I think learning how to eat well is the most important thing you can do for your health.

Is Loneliness a Choice?

This is a question someone recently asked me and it got me thinking. As a military spouse, I have experienced my share of loneliness. And if I wanted to blame it on military I’m pretty sure I could find a way to justify my case.

Controlling Urges

We all get them. Those impulses to act on an obsessive thought. They can be to smoke, to clean, to drink, to eat or to check your phone nonstop. Giving into them leads to instant satisfaction, followed by feelings of guilt and ignoring them leads to deep, skin crawling discomfort.

The Anti-Diet

Diet. That word just makes me cringe when I hear it. I like to just think of it as... "this is what I always eat." How can I do that? Well, all I had to do was make a lifestyle change, so it's really not considered a diet. I was always that girl who could eat whatever...

Catching Up?

Moms and dads of small children need to find a way to reconnect with friends and family, apart from our kids. Too often I’ve made the mistake of scheduling a group play date thinking it will allow me time to converse with my adult friends.

The Holiday Hustle

*Home Workout Video* Now, I don’t want to scare you right from the start, but did you know that the average holiday weight gain is 5-10lbs? 😯😯

You CAN Choose Joy

Isn’t it interesting that jealousy is outwardly focused? It’s centered around someone else’s achievements & advantages. Those, my friend, you cannot control. What you can control is your own achievements & advantages and, more importantly, how you feel about them!

Adventures in Aspen

“I’m talking about a little place called Asssspen.” It’s one of those places that’s hard to explain until you actually get there and see if for yourself. The pictures just don’t do it justice. You can basically taste the air it’s so fresh.

Hearty and Healthy Paleo Shepherds Pie

Fall is here. Pumpkin Spice Lattes, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin cupcakes, Thanksgiving. ALL THE DELICIOUS THINGS. Thank goodness for comfy, oversized sweaters. Am I right? There’s gotta be paleo recipes for those things somewhere…

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