Jenn Prentice – This is Thirty Four. “Can I tell you something? Typically, when I think of BEING BRAVE (this month’s theme on This is Thirty Four), I think of things like fighting cancer, standing up for social justice issues or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. What I don’t think about when I hear the words BEING BRAVE, is starting a business. Can I tell you something else? I WAS WRONG.

Over the past few months, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible amount of courage it takes to launch a company and pursue your dreams. I’ve also realized more than ever that it truly does TAKE A VILLAGE to help you pursue your dreams. That’s why I’m ridiculously excited to share this interview with Komae founders Amy Husted and Audrey Wallace. I met Amy and Audrey at RISE last weekend and got a front row seat to watch the two of them boldly share their company and their passion.

These women did not waste a single opportunity to tell people about Komae and how it helps women build relationships and save money through swapping free babysitting with friends. When they got five minutes with Rachel Hollis? They told her about Komae. When they met Jen Hatmaker? They told her about Komae. Watching them BE BRAVE and tell people what they’re doing and why it matters was inspiring…AND IT WORKED!  Rachel Hollis mentioned Komae on stage and gave Amy and Audrey the chance to talk about the app in front of the entire conference!

I just downloaded Komae and started sending it out to friends that I already swap sits with. The app is perfect for church groups, book clubs, neighbors, anyone in your circle of friends who you trust and want to build a relationship with. In a world where busy schedules and social media make us simultaneously more and less connected, Komae does more than just facilitate free babysitting. Amy and Audrey’s company reinforces the importance of friendship and face-to-face interaction and challenges us to be the village for our friends and their families. Whether you’re building up the courage to launch a company, need to know how to pitch investors or want to find a free and easy way to get babysitters, you will love this interview.”

Read the full blog by Jenn Prentice’s on her site, This Is Thirty Four.

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