Swapping sits with friends is free. Promise.

But who doesn't love a little icing on their cake? That's what Komae Premium is.
Give me the icing!

All this is free on Komae

  • Swap Unlimited Sits. There is no limit to the amount of free sits you can do on Komae.
  • Team Up! Komae On Komae Free, you can pick one local group to be part of.
  • Share Away. It’s easier than ever to invite and connect with friends on Komae.
  • What’s Up? With the calendar, it’s super easy to see all your upcoming sits and playdates.
  • Keep Track. Open your Bank, see all your past & pending swaps, plus the total $$ you’ve saved on sitting.
  • Gorg! Hip! Adorbs! Did we mention it’s just plain beautiful? (Hey, it’s our baby so we’re biased.)

Why you need Komae Premium.

  • Unlimited Groups! Whether you’re the local social butterfly or you’re looking to find your tribe, on Komae Premium you can join unlimited local groups. This helps you easily find all the members and meet new friends with similar interests. Free users can join 1 group. Upgrade to Premium and join unlimited groups!
  • Get in Sync. With Komae Premium, you can sync your Komae calendar to your phone so you’ll never miss a thing!
  • And we threw a cherry on top. When you’re a Premium member, you can also customize your background image to be anything you want- your kids, your honey, or maybe your favorite peaceful place to go with your new found free time.

Our team is working hard to make Komae awesome and we love saving families $$$. Thanks for being in our Village and we hope you’ll upgrade not just for the sweet new features, but also to support our mission to change the lives of parents forever!

Friends. Groups. Villages. What’s the Diff?

Friends are people you know and trust. Your inner circle. Your people. Only those you send a friend request to can see your profile and your posts. Want to get to know someone new? Use Komae to suggest a playdate, meetup at a park, and get to know each other then send them a friend request.

Groups are local organizations, clubs, schools, neighborhoods, and more. Join a Group so you can see the members and send friend requests to those who you want to swap sits with. Are you the leader of a Group? Create it in Komae today! As the administrator, you can set the description and filter the members.

Your Village is the combination of your friends and your groups. It’s the tribe of people around you that you are connected with either as a friend, fellow soccer mom, neighbor, or your kids go to the same school. We all know it takes a village, so let’s be the village together.

What are you waiting for?

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