Komae Welcomes NYU

Komae is a cooperative childcare community that provides a flexible care management option for working parents. 

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1. Click through the ‘How-To’ Guide below.
2. Download Komae.
3. Join the NYU Group.

Video Tutorial for Families

Watch this video with our CEO, Erin Beck, to learn how Komae is partnering with the NYU community to bring you and your colleagues cooperative childcare.

How-To Guide

On Komae, parents swap ‘Komae Points’ as a way to manage and coordinate care for their children within a trusted network (like a great big babysitting co-op).

How to Get Komae Points

Join Komae and get 20 points (free!) to start.
Earn points when you sit for another family.
• Use your code “NYUFAM” to get extra points for just $5/point.

Each point is ~ an hour. Use your points for care for you!

More questions?  Check Komae’s FAQ or contact us.

Upcoming Events For NYU

The journey of parenthood is meant to be shared. Join fellow working parents to discuss deeply, family together, and feel like the awesome parent you are

Free Tickets With Your Access Code

Use your code “NYUFAM” to attend all events free.

The Knowledge Co-op: Best of the Best Tips for Parents from Parents

with Komae CEO Erin Beck

May 3 @ 1230pm Eastern | For Parents and Caregivers

Erin Beck is Komae Cooperative Childcare's CEO, and she has a front-row seat to the power of knowledge-sharing between parents of kids of all ages, interests, and backgrounds. Join us to lunch and learn as she reveals the shiniest (and most practical) nuggets of wisdom she's brought into her own life.


Modern Parenthood and You: A Personal Roundtable Hosted by NYU WorkLife

with special guests Lori Mihalich-Levin, Founder of Mindful Return, and Erin Beck, Komae CEO

May 11 @ 1230pm Eastern | For Parents and Caregivers

Just as our children’s development is characterized by regressions, bursts, and pauses, so is our own identity formation as working parents. Join our roundtable, where Lori and Erin will share their personal stories of modern parenthood and the lessons learned from the inflection points along their parenting journeys as they learn to embrace their identities as mothers and as working professionals.


Creating Healthy Routines and Managing Behaviors at Home

with Nicole Hajjar, M.S, CCC-SLP, ESDM

May 25 @ 7pm Eastern | For Parents and Caregivers

Learn easy to implement tips for creating healthy routines in the home environment. Designed for toddlers through 3rd grade, learn how to manage both desired and undesired behaviors via pro social, child friendly techniques.


Transforming Superhero Play in Early Childhood Education

with master educator Melissa Pinkham

June 16 @ 1230pm Eastern | For Parents and Caregivers

This workshop addresses the importance of superhero play in early childhood environments and introduces strategies to facilitate and guide the play. We will also discuss the setting of clear and respectful limits, providing powerful props and play spaces for safe creative play, and suggestions for fostering heroism with young children.


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