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Komae is a babysitting co-op app where families trade time watching each other’s kids and trade Komae Points rather than cash. Some parents have built up a lot of points helping their friends and we want them to be able to use them for goodies, too! We have expanded our cash-in to an all year around Komae Marketplace to reward those families who have heart-fully volunteered so much of their time to the community.

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Pregnancy Headphones

By: mbrio

Grab a pair of headphones, pop them into mbrio’s adaptors and start sharing music with baby in the womb. They’re so easy to use and you might feel the little one moving around 😉

Cash-in 6 Komae points for a 15% off discount code and FREE shipping. Shop with cash at mbrio.

Motherhood Circles

By: MotherNation

If you’re looking for a space to connect with new Mothers, MotherNation creates spaces for Mothers to care for themselves and each other. All Mothers are welcome. Join a Circle on MotherNation’s online community. These Circles are curated just for you. MotherNation connects small groups of Mothers into Circles based on location, age of kids, and shared experiences! Are you going to get in there, mama?

Cash-in 10 Komae points for a 20% off discount code. Shop with cash at MotherNation.

100% Absorbent Pajamas

By: PeeJamas

No more diapers in the landfills with Peejama’s! Grab your favorite color pajamas that have high absorbency of urine. Switch and ditch to the healthy and safe way to potty train your kiddos!

Cash-in 2 Komae points for FREE shipping. Shop with cash at PeeJama’s

Play Kits

By: Lovevery

Play to learn toys for developing brains, baby to toddler by Lovevery! Their play products are designed by child development experts and distilled to their simplest, purest purpose: to be exactly what children want and need at every stage. Fun, simple, and engaging, every product is thoughtfully crafted and rigorously tested to be 100% child safe.

Cash-in 3 Komae points for a FREE SHIPPING coupon. Shop with cash at Lovevery.

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