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Komae is a babysitting co-op app where families trade time watching each other’s kids and trade Komae Points rather than cash. Some parents have built up a lot of points helping their friends and we want them to be able to use them for goodies, too! We have expanded our cash-in to an all year around Komae Marketplace to reward those families who have heart-fully volunteered so much of their time to the community.

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Tending: Parenthood and the Future of Work

By: Amy Henderson

Grab your copy of Tending today and start your first call to action by reading. Building a better future for parents, starts with YOU! This quick read is jam packed with valuable information on the insight of being a working parent in the US today. 

Cash-in 10 Komae points for a FREE copy! Shop with cash at Amy Henderson.

The Expecting Entrepreneur

By: Arianna Taboada

Are you or a friend in the planning stages of having to take parental leave as someone who runs their own business? This book is for you! When babies and business collide, having these kinds of resources are very handy!

Shop with cash at The Expecting Entrepreneur 

Jolie and The Change of Heart 

By: Adriana Suyama

Meet Jolie. The most beautiful mermaid in all of Elysia. This lovely mermaid has had to learn a hard lesson this year. In today’s society there is a lot of importance placed on beauty. But Jolie has had to learn that beauty can only take you so far. She’s learned that true beauty comes from what’s inside. What’s in your heart. And sometimes, when we change our heart, we change the way we look at everything around us. New beauty is discovered. And areas of growth are uncovered.

Cash-in 20 Komae points for a FREE copy. Shop with cash at Adriana Suyama

Cami and Wyatt Practice Patience!

By: Stacy Bauer

Cami and Wyatt can’t wait to go fishing with their family, but their patience is tested when nothing goes as planned. Join the Kangaroo family as they find a way to have fun, even when there are hurdles to hop over.

Cash-in 11 Komae points for a FREE copy. Shop with cash at Stacy Bauer

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