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Over the past several months, four companies have chosen to join forces, helping each other instead of competing with each other; all in an effort to mainstream sit-swapping and make it easier for families to help one another around the world. See what we did there? ;)

The founders of Wana Family Network, Komae, Sitster and Helpkin are now all working together toward a common goal. Using our combined forces, we are committed to changing the face of childcare and family life.

As the leader of Helpkin, it has always been my duty to see to it that this mission comes alive in the best way possible, and it was becoming clearer that joining forces with the largest player would be the way to keep us growing, because it really does take a village! – Shar Ghoudsifar

The first step on this collaborative journey is to bring all of our sit-swapping families under one roof on the Komae app and we’ve got all hands on deck to make that transition easy. Simply download the app and then contact us below with any questions you may have, cause as you’ve probably caught on already… we are happy to help.

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