I’m no scientist, but I feel like I need to get my PhD to figure out if my child has a fever. Does anyone else have this same problem? The world of thermometers is full of fancy electronics, but when my kid is sick all I want is an accurate answer, right now, without wondering if my batteries are fully charged.

Zap, Roll, Probe, Bam, Pow

Originally we bought the kind you can zap from a distance so it doesn’t disturb the resting child. Well, I zapped all over my baby’s head and the temperature was significantly different each time! My baby may not have been disturbed, but I sure was. How am I supposed to know if this is an emergency?

Next, we got the rolly kind. After battling through the complaints of dragging his skin across his forehead, I still couldn’t land at a consistent temp reading after several rolls. So I rolled my own head to get an idea of “normal” then rolled his and took a wild guess if the difference was a classifiable fever.

And that ear probe? Imagine getting a sick, fussy child to be still while you jam a pointy object in their ear for 10 seconds… Let’s just say, it doesn’t end up looking like it does in their ad.


Not real life.

So in a moment of desperation, I got out the old fashioned mercury stick thermometer. I shook it down like I remember my mom doing when I was a kid, and promptly hit it against my bathroom sink and it shattered all over the floor. I googled how to clean up the poisonous substance and there was a 13 step list that started with “Put on rubber, nitrile or latex gloves.” Not exactly what I want to do when my child is burning up.

At this point, my lips are the best thermometer I have. I give a kiss and mom-instinct tells me if it’s abnormally hot.

Seriously, friends. It is 2017 and there are self driving cars. Can’t we come up with a better way to get an accurate temperature of our sick children?!

Set it and forget it

Take a deep breath with me and say hello to your new best friend, Temp-N-Toss.  It’s as gentle as a kiss from mom, has a fast, accurate reading and it’s my new favorite thermometer. Let me tell you how it works.


Temp-N-Toss is a disposable, eco-friendly, adhesive strip that is specially designed to be placed on your child’s forehead and can stay in place for continual monitoring for up to 48 hours. So you don’t have to disturb a sleeping child or probe a fussy child. I love it like I love my crockpot- Just set it and forget it!


Real life… he’s seriously sleeping.

Plus, each all-paper thermometer is free of latex, Mylar, glass, mercury and other harmful chemicals, and my favorite, they do not require batteries. Can I get an Amen?! I stick them in my on-the-go first aid kit so I always have them on hand.

Bonus Points

I personally love that it’s a women-owned business. Isn’t it cool to see women seeing problems and solving them with cool new products like Temp-N-Toss? Hats off to you, Shelly and April, for making Temp-N-Toss and making my life easier when my child is sick. (And let’s be honest, I’ve stuck them on myself, too!) Parents everywhere are going to thank you for it.

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