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All this is free on Komae

  • Create your Account. Jump on into the app, take a look around, and get your feet wet before you buy!
  • Build your Village. Invite your friends, family and paid sitters to join Komae with you, or meet & message other Komae parents nearby.
  • Schedule Events. Plan your group activities, meetups, or playdates using our event and calendar features.
  • Be someone’s Angel. Perfect for someone who doesn’t need sitting themselves, but wants to help their friends who do. When you place an Angel offer on someone’s sit request, it will not deduct, transfer or deposit any points between the two of you. This free option is perfect for Grandparents or friends who don’t have kids of babysitting age.
  • Get Paid Cash. Perfect for someone who doesn’t need sitting themselves but wants to earn some extra cash. Offer on sit requests in your network. Coordinate on the app. Get paid at the door.

Komae Membership Perks

Comes with a 1 month free trial!

  • Unlock 50 Points.  Stop paying cash to a sitter and start swapping points with friends. We give you 50 points to get started!
  • Accept Offers from Sit Swapping Friends. The average Komae user saves $75 a month swapping sits. The more you swap, the more you save!
  • Accept Offers from your Angels. If you’re lucky enough to have Grandma & Grandpa living close by, or a community of friends who don’t need babysitting themselves BUT want to help you out, then Komae can help you coordinate! When you accept an Angel Offer on your sit, you get free babysitting AND you get to keep your points!
  • Accept Offers from your Paid Sitters. Invite your favorite paid sitters into your village so they can see your sit needs. When you accept a cash offer, no points will be transferred from your bank. Instead, you pay your sitter at the door.
  • Receive a ‘First Sit Kit’. We love deals so much that after you’ve received your first free sit on Komae, we’re going to send you a welcome email with special offers from some of our favorite products.

Our team is working hard to make Komae awesome and we love saving families $$$. Thanks for being in our Village and we hope you’ll upgrade not just because it’s free babysitting, but also to support our mission to change the lives of parents forever!

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