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Growing the Sitsterhood

Over the past several months, four companies have chosen to join forces, choosing collaboration over competition; all in an effort to mainstream sit-swapping and make it easier for families to help one another around the world.

The founders of Wana Family Network, Komae, Sitster and Helpkin are now all working together toward a common goal. Using our combined forces, we are committed to changing the face of childcare and family life.

“After calling Erin, I knew instantly that Wana and Komae would make the perfect adoptive family for Sitster and that the Sitsterhood would be well looked after in Wana’s care.” – Laura Farnsworth, Founder of Sitster

The first step on this collaborative journey is to bring all of our sit-swapping families under one roof on the Komae app and we’ve got all hands on deck to make the transition smooth and transparent. And if at any point, you’ve got questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help!

1) Download the Komae app and create your account. (Your control of your family’s profile is important to us, so we are not transferring any data between the Sitster and Komae apps. You will not be added to Komae unless you choose to be.)

2) Create a group on the app and invite your babysitting circle friends to join it.

3) Once you’ve all joined, fill out the form below and we will be sure to update your points in the Komae app on the next business day.

Helpful Resources

Komae & Sitster

Click to view a PDF designed just for Sitster families, showing you how Komae compares to what you already know.

Join the KomUnity

We’ve created a private Facebook group for all parents to build community and to enjoy a good laugh or two. Join us! 

Ready to Transfer Your Points?

Once your group members have joined Komae, simply send us a message here with a list of their point totals and we will update them on Komae within 24 hours!

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