Here at Komae, we believe strongly in talking to our customers, learning from them, and making changes to our app accordingly. If you message us with ideas, praise, or complaints, we will respond and we will keep note of your suggestions for improvement. And as we notice themes pop up among the feedback we’re given, we move on it.

One question we often ask is ,”What made you want to start swapping sits with your friends?” The answer that’s becoming increasingly more popular is that our customers were using another platform to swap sits, but that it wasn’t fully meeting the needs of their group, so when they heard about Komae, they made the switch!  That platform, most often, is SittingAround.

If you are already part of a babysitting co-op, it’s likely you’ve heard of (or maybe even use) SittingAround as a means of coordinating and tracking your sit swaps. If you’re not part of a babysitting co-op, hop on over here to another blog of ours and learn why you should be, because today I want to take a minute and help you understand the key differences between Komae and SittingAround and how Komae is upping the co-op game. But don’t just take my word for it. I’ve included snippets of a recent conversation I had with one of our newest Komae fans, Martine, who has taken the plunge from SittingAround to Komae.

Komae is an App.

This part is simple. Komae is an app. SittingAround is not. When using SittingAround, you will have to access it through a web browser on your phone or on a computer. With Komae, everything is at your finger tips, including push notifications to help you help your friends more quickly.

Because moms weren’t able to respond to the sit requests immediately via their mobile phones [with SittingAround], but instead had to wait until a free moment to sit down at the computer, we found that a lot of sit needs went unanswered. With Komae, we have the opposite “problem,” where moms respond to sit needs super fast, and the requesting mom gets to take her pick among the offers! – Martine K.



Komae Widens your Village.

With SittingAround, you are only allowed to be part of one co-op. At Komae, we think that the more groups and more friends you have, the better! You can join one group, two groups, 10 groups. And beyond just groups… you can hand pick friends to invite into your personal village as well. Part of a Moms Club? Great! Part of a preschool playgroup? Sweet! Want to invite your neighbor from down the street to get in on the sit swapping action? Even better! On Komae, your money (and by money, we mean your virtual Komae Points), is good everywhere. We give you one bank and 20 Komae Points to start, but you can spend them, and earn them, in any group or with any friend you wish.

Plus, with each sit or playdate you post, you can choose exactly who will see it. Send it to a specific group, a specific person, or to alllll the people. The wider your village, the more successful your sit swapping experience will be!

Komae Sets the Rules of Engagement

Mama. I know you’ve got a lot on your plate. You’ve got little humans to keep alive. You’ve got schedules to keep. You’ve got a career to show up for. You’ve got a preschool room to volunteer in. You’ve got a spouse that needs some attention. The last thing we want to do is give you one more decision to make or one more system to get in order. On Komae, we’ve set all the rules of engagement so you don’t have to.

With SittingAround, you have to create your own point system for sit swaps. That means you need to create bylaws, ifs & thens, and choose a moderator to handle disputes. On Komae, our point formula is already set in place for you. Just post a sit, put in the details, and the app will calculate, transfer and bank the Komae Points for you. No math or decisions required!

What if our formula doesn’t fit your needs? No worries. We set it, so you can forget it, but it is not without flexibility! Before the sit is posted, you have the option to add bonus points. And when the sit ends, you have the opportunity to add or subtract points before shipping them off to your friend. This feature is perfect in cases where the sit went short or long, or maybe you forgot to pack your little one dinner and the sitter had to improvise.

Komae vs Sitting Around

Friends, Komae is the co-op tool of the future and it’s time for your groups to get on it.  You can download it here, and if you’d like help getting your co-op started, we would be happy to supply you with resources. Heck, my Co-founder, Audrey, and I will show up at your group whether in person or virtually to do a live Q&A. That’s how confident we are that you need Komae and how passionate we are to make sure your transition onto our platform as smooth as possible. It’s as simple as filling out this form to start the conversation.

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  1. Jennifer D

    I’m confused. This post says Komae is free, but on the app it says it’s $4.99 per month to be a member. So anyone who uses the app has to pay $4.99/mo? What about for the “angels” (grandparents or older neighbors) who don’t use apps??

    • Amy Husted

      Hi there Jennifer! Thank you for pointing this out. This blog was written awhile back and has since changed to a membership model in order to support the development costs to provide the best service to you.

      Only the person who is requesting sitting needs to be a paying member. Angels and paid sitters can join for free!


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