How Komae Points Work

Get paid for hosting a playdate!

Komae has it’s very own cash-free ecosystem that runs on Komae points, our in-app currency. You earn points when you babysit, and you spend those points when you need a babysitter. It’s all guilt free because your friends are looking for an opportunity to earn points themselves!

Where You Begin

All free Komae accounts start with 5 points in the bank.

Example: Jess’s account has 5 points and she is ready to share sitting today!

How You Spend

Spend points when your friends babysit your children.

Example: Jess spent 4 points.  Taking her from 5 points down to 1 point in her Komae bank.

How You Earn

Earn points when you babysit for your friend.

Example: Jess earned 12 points.  Taking her from 1 point up to 13 in her Komae bank.

Free Komae Account

All free. All the time.
  • Start with 5 points.
  • Bank up to 15 points.
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Premium Komae Account

More Points. More Flexibility.
  • Start with 20 points.
  • Bank up to 40 points.

Upgrade to Premium

Komae Premium is coming soon. Sign up here to be the first to know about our early bird pricing!

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