Advocating for Your Extraordinary Child: Getting the Best Support for Kids of All Abilities

With Clinical Neuropsychologist Dr. Karen Wilson, Founder of ChildNexus

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Dr. Wilson explains the parent’s journey of getting optimal support for any child’s unique development.

About the Workshop

When a child is struggling at school, how does a parent determine the reason for the struggles? What is a comprehensive evaluation and how can it impact a child’s success? How can we help children who struggle with learning or social-emotional challenges get the support they need to thrive and achieve their full potential?  

Join us as Dr. Wilson looks deeply at the parent’s journey of recognizing a child’s unique needs and advocating for the educational, environmental, and therapeutic support they need to thrive.

Bring a cup of coffee or glass of wine and be ready to turn your camera and mic on, if you like, to discuss with other working parents. Kids and distractions welcome.


About Dr. Karen Wilson

Dr. Karen Wilson is a Clinical Neuropsychologist, Director of West LA Neuropsychology, PC, and the founder of, a digital platform that connects parents whose children struggle with learning or social-emotional issues with professionals who provide psychological and educational support services. Dr. Wilson is also the host of the Diverse Thinking · Different Learning podcast.   

She is a sought-after expert speaker and has been invited to share her expertise in a broad range of media outlets and to a multitude of audiences, including parenting groups, educators, and professionals attending national conferences.

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