Finding Money for Families: Being Intentional About Your Kids’ Financial Education

with financial specialist Jenn Underwood from FinGoal

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Jenn coaches top budgeting strategies specifically for families, with special insight on setting examples that build money smarts in kids.

About the Workshop

Jenn’s life goal is to make sure no one pays banking or credit card fees, ever! She has spent the last decade teaching families the tricks to stretching every penny, like rotating streaming subscriptions so you’re always getting something new to watch (for the price of just one!). Simple and effective, Jenn coaches her top strategies for savings and budgets specifically designed for families.

“But should we involve the kids?” Absolutely! Financial fluency builds over time by example, and Jenn will offer savvy, positive language for parents to talk with their children about being money-smart.

Bring a cup of coffee or glass of wine and be ready to turn your camera and mic on, if you like, to discuss with other working parents. Kids and distractions welcome.


About Jenn Underwood

Jenn Underwood has a diverse experience in personal financial education. She began teaching entrepreneurial skills to female leaders in Ghana. The last 8 years, Jenn’s been empowering parents to move toward financial wellbeing. She’s a regular contributor to Forbes Advisor and now works for FinGoal helping people save money on day to day purchases.

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