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Raising my tribe with the help of my village.

Build a Village

Find your friends and invite them to your personal village of trust. Coming soon: Meet new friends too!


Swap Free Sits

I sit for you. You sit for me. We don't pay for sitters anymore. Huzzah!


Schedule Playdates

Hang out with your friends while your kids hang out with their friends. Everyone wins!


Coordinate Groups (Coming Soon!)

Part of a school, club, or team? Create a group to connect with all the members.



A cycle of reciprocity between trusted friends.

Where You Begin

All Komae accounts start with 20 points in the bank.

Example: Jess's account has 20 points and she is ready to share sitting today!

How You Spend

Spend points when your friends babysit your children.

Example: Jess spent 19 points.  Taking her from 20 points down to 1 point in her Komae bank.

How You Earn

Earn points when you babysit for friends.

Example: Jess earned 26 points.  Taking her from 1 point up to 27 in her Komae bank.

Questions we commonly get asked

What is Komae?
Komae is an online platform giving you the tools you need to exchange babysitting services with your most trusted friends, neighbors, and family. Connecting you with the people your children already know and love, Komae allows parents to make and fill babysitting requests for each other.
Who will be watching my kids?
When you use Komae, your real life friends become your babysitters. You will hand select people to be part of your network (we call this your village!) and they are the only ones that will ever see your babysitting requests. Rather than paying a teenage sitter to watch your kids, or asking a friend for an awkward favor, you will instead exchange Komae points.
What is a Komae point?
Komae has it’s very own cash-free ecosystem that runs on Komae points, our in-app currency. You earn points when you babysit, and you spend those points when you need a babysitter. It’s all guilt free because your friends are looking for an opportunity to earn points themselves!
How do I find a sitter?
Using the Komae app you will place a request for a babysitting need. You will be alerted when your friends offer to fill the need and you can accept the offer that works best for you. Then you drop off your kids, and enjoy your freetime!
What will I do with all my free time?
Take a vacation to the grocery store. Go on a date with your spouse. Drink a cup of coffee while it’s hot. Serve your community. Make an appointment to touch up your roots. Clean your house and fold your laundry. Work off the baby weight at the gym. The options are endless and we promise… your kids will thank you for it!

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Check out our FAQs.

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