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Hello from Amy and Audrey,

We used to run a traditional babysitting co-op so we know how much work it is. [Read the full story of WHY we created a co-op here.] So we thought through every detail and built the Komae app. No more spreadsheets, clunky websites, or paper tokens!

Join the hundreds of co-ops that have switched to Komae. We promise, your Village will thank you!

Happy swapping,

What makes Komae Easier?

We took the old fashioned babysitting co-op, turned it into a modern app, and gave it two shots of espresso.

  • Points- They automatically calculate and transfer. You can +/- points as needed.
    *Yes! We will transfer your existing point balances onto Komae.
  • Village- Send friend requests and join groups to build your own trusted network.
  • Groups- Create your group and invite your members to make it easy to connect.
  • Availabilities- Let your friends know when you are free to encourage them to post a sit.
  • Events- Schedule playdates and MNO right in the app.
  • Bank- See your transaction history without asking an admin for help.
  • Free- Did we mention it’s free? We think your members will like that :)

Read our sweet ‘n easy recipe for creating a sweet co-op
Get sample by-laws
See answers to all our FAQ’s

This is Jess, a Real Komae Mom.

While over 10,000 families have joined Komae, Jess’s personal info remains private to the people she has sent a friend request to, her trusted Village.
This is what Komae is like for you group members. Everyone creates their own trusted network of friends and groups to swap with.

Let’s Kick Off your Co-op!

Are you ready to put your co-op on autopilot? Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch right away. We’ll even send you a welcome swag box.

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