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I DIY So I Don’t Cry

Why is self-care so hard? We all need personal time to be at our best. So why do we find it so hard to do? For me, as a stay-at-home dad (SAHD), I always feel like I am short changing someone else; my kids, my wife, or my friends. To make matters worse, I give so much...

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Komae Messaging : Connect the Dots

Okay, okay. That might not be exactly what Forrest said, but I think it's just as true. Everything is Connected. At Komae, we believe life is all about connections. And we believe that if you pay close attention, you'll notice that those connections, well, connect!...

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3 Tips for the Traveling Working Mom

You may have heard by now that Audrey and I are leaving for Silicon Valley to participate in the Women's Startup Lab this July. If you haven't, be sure to hop back to that article and get caught up on the details. As a little update for those tracking this journey, we...

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Busy Mom Guide to Look Like You Showered

I am going to tell you right now, this blog is not going to make me look good. Please only continue reading if I can trust you with the dirty little secret of this busy mom. Ready?  Confession of a Busy Mom You can either have wet & clean Audrey or dry & fancy...

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Komae is Leaving for Silicon Valley!

When Amy and I read the philosophy of the Women’s Startup Lab in Silicon Valley, we knew it was a place we needed to be. What is Women’s Startup Lab? “Women’s Startup Lab is a business accelerator that empowers female founders to be strong leaders, create impactful...

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Creative pursuits for your newly found free time

We’ve all done it. You finally have some free time and oddly you don’t know how to use the time. The easy option is to switch on the TV or start scrolling, but to really fill your cup it might be worth considering a creative pursuit which is fun and is good for you!

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Komae & SittingAround : A Comparison

Here at Komae, we believe strongly in talking to our customers, learning from them, and making changes to our app accordingly. If you message us with ideas, praise, or complaints, we will respond and we will keep note of your suggestions for improvement. And as we...

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Playdate Your Way Through Summer

School's about to be out for summer. The kids are pumped. You're pumped. Everybody's pumped. Freedom! Swimming! No schedule! It all sounds great, right? Then two weeks pass and things begin to lose steam and the most dreaded words come out of your precious little...

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5 Ways to be Intentional in your Marriage

Falling in love can happen in a moment. Have you ever heard of love at first sight? Staying in love and growing that relationship takes time, attention and effort. Some might even say it takes hard work. Whether you are married, engaged or dating, being intentional in that relationship is the first step toward making it last a lifetime.

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