It’s pretty obvious that Komae is a quick and easy market for moms.  Someone said Mom could take a vacation to Target and she was sold in all of about 5 seconds.

  • Wandering the aisles that aren’t filled with diapers and butt paste?  (Yes… that’s a real thing.)
  • Taking a stroll through the Cartwheel app to add things you might not need, but dude… it’s a deal!
  • Using your Red Card to get that extra 5% off of that pair of heals you just found when you lingered a little longer than you should have by the shoes?  Yes, please!

But what about dads?  Is Komae for them?

Absolutely, yes.  And let me tell you why…

1)  Things need done around the house, but asking mom to be on kid-duty again sounds like it will result with a night spent on the couch.

Being that wife, I can totally be hard on my husband in this regard.  He absolutely loves to mow the lawn and remodel parts of our home.  And while I too would love to see these things happen, I also need a break from the kids so I can regain my sanity from the week.  So while him doing work around the house sounds like a win, it often turns into a loss.  Dad feels guilty the whole time he’s working in the yard and Mom mopes over her coffee while she’s stuck inside again.

So dads… In the past, you might have tried to remedy the situation by having the kids help you with your project.  And while they’re helping you, you’ve spent 50% of your time helping them help you and you lack progress.  You had some great bonding time with your kids (which we love!) but the mulch pile still looks the same as when you started.

Next time your house or yard is in need of some TLC, jump on the Komae app and request a sitter.  Drop your kids off at a friends house to play while you get the yard work done and mom spends her time how she needs.  Pick up the kids after a hard afternoon’s work and take a family trip to the park to celebrate!

2)  She wants you to be spontaneous, but those little rascals are throwing off the mojo!

Do you find your wife complaining that your dating relationship just isn’t what it used to be?  That you lack spontaneity?  That you’ve lost your drive?  Well, let’s try this plan on for size…

When she’s least expecting it (but you’ve checked her calendar of course), hop on the Komae app and schedule a babysitting exchange.  Then come home from work with the surprise that you’ve already scheduled a sitter and that you’re taking her out for a night on the town.  We promise, she’ll thank you for it!

3)  Sometimes mom’s not in the picture.  And one of the people that could use Komae the most is the single dad.

The struggle of being a single dad is very real and often left forgotten.  On the most obvious level, dude probably wants to go on a date!  And on a more fundamental level, it can be awkward, and walk the line of inappropriate, for him to coordinate babysitting plans with a teenage girl.  How nice would it be if he could quickly connect with the parents in his life that he already knows and trusts?  He drops his kids off at a friends house to play and enjoys his night out!

So tell the dads in your life about Komae.  Its obvious that this is for you, Mom.  But get your husband in on the conversation, because Komae is a family affair!  If you’d like to learn more about how Komae works and how you can play a part in making this dream become a reality, get connected with Komae today!  You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Kickstarter!

And I’m sure you can’t help but wonder… No, Target did not pay us for this plug.  It’s truly just a woman’s heaven on earth.  Can I get an “Amen?!”

Update 3/17/16: As of October 19, 2015, the Komae app was fully funded on Kickstarter!  Beta testing is scheduled to begin in April 2016.  Space is limited, so request an invite today!


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Exchanging free baybsitting with friends isn't just for moms. A dad's got needs too!
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  1. Lindsey

    I love the highlight of daddy benefits here! Also, thank you for putting in this caveat for us type-a’s:

    When she’s least expecting it (but you’ve checked her calendar of course)



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