Have you heard the buzz?  Did someone say free babysitting?  Not just money-free, but guilt free?  Babysitting that brings joy to your kids and doesn’t break the bank?  Babysitting shared with the most trusted friends and parents you have in your life?  If I just made your ears perk up, then let me tell YOU why I’m firing my babysitter and why I’m getting Komae!

1)  Despite my wildest dreams, money does not grow on trees.

No matter how full of green dollar bills the ATM might be, it’s not a guarantee that any of them belong to your bank account.  And taking into consideration mortgages, car payments, student loans and credit card debt?  Let’s be real… most of us are probably in a hole deeper than we’d like to be.  So thinking about making that cash withdrawal and handing piles of it over to a babysitter?  Not an option.

Babysitting rates across the US are skyrocketing!  In fact, they are pushing an average of $15 an hour for just ONE KID!  Wowzers, friends!  I can’t even fathom paying a sitter $45+ for three hours of babysitting, getting dinner out with my husband, and then ever letting myself enjoy some dessert.

2)  I’m totally over the “what’s your rate” dance.

So really.  How awkward is it when you are referred to a new sitter and you need to figure out what their rate is.  Since the average young teen isn’t always well versed in business and/or basic social skills, they likely don’t know how to approach this topic either.  Do you ask their rate?  Do you make them an offer?  Did you offer too high?  Are you being taken advantage of?  Are you taking advantage of them?  If they accept something too low, does that mean they’re not reputable?  If they ask for too much, then who do they think they are?

Sounds like a whirlwind, right?  Just like everything else in a multi-tasking mother’s head!  So why not skip the dance.  Skip the payment.  Share babysitting with one of your mom friends instead.  Your kids will have fun playing at a friend’s house and you can take off those dancing shoes and put your feet up with a good book!

3) I’d prefer an experienced mom over a young teenager.

Perhaps you’ve been blessed to find that teenager down the street.   The girl next door.  The one from a good home who’s gotten every certification on the list proving she’s qualified to watch your child.  Good for you!  That’s awesome!  But is she mom?  I know, I know… no one can ever replace you as mom.  But is she really the next best thing?

When it comes to leaving your baby for the first time, or when you need to leave your broken-hearted toddler going through separation anxiety… Are you looking to leave them with someone who’s simply qualified at changing diapers and keeping them safe?  Or would you prefer to leave them with a mom that you also happen to call your best friend?  Someone who knows what it’s like to start breaking those ties with your babies.  Someone who’s had to give their own kids that same loving reassurance that everything is going to be alright?  While having someone qualified is great, having someone who also already loves my kids is even better.  That’s the kind of guilt-free peace of mind I’m looking for.  And with Komae, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

4) I just got home from a romantic date and now I have to drive you home!?

Just being real here, friends.  You’re out on that date with your husband, reminiscing about your old glory days over a bottle of wine.  You’re connecting like you haven’t connected in a long time while on that romantic walk in the moonlight.  Then you get home and remember you need to give the sitter a ride.  No matter which of you does the driving, you know the other one will be zonked out on the couch by the time you return.  Need I say more?

Say goodbye to this buzzkill by sharing babysitting with a fellow mom.  A mom who can give you the quick rundown on the night she shared with your kids, fist bump you on the way out the door, and drive herself home.

5)  I’m skipping the middle man.  No more manager required.

When you hire a teenage babysitter, you’re not just hiring her, you’re also hiring her mom.  You find yourself in a circle of three trying to text, call, message, and wait as you, the sitter, and her mother try to agree on a plan.  In fact, some mothers prefer you to coordinate with them as opposed to contacting their young daughter yourself.  This is all well and dandy, as Mom is the keeper of the schedule, the car, and the boundaries.  But for you, it’s inefficient.  And when it doesn’t work out, you’re forced to start the whole process over with the next babysitter on your list.

With Komae, we eliminate the middle man and replace it with a quicker, more efficient system of scheduling your babysitting needs.  With a few clicks in the Komae app, your friends in your village will be notified with the details of your babysitting request and will have the ability to quickly reply with their availability.  It’s a whole lot easier when planning ahead, or even in a last minute situation.  Send one message.  Let it reach multiple friends with one go.  And get your attention back on your family.

6)  Community feels good.

Sometimes, as a mom, you can feel like you rarely get to have adult conversations.  And spending time catching up with your friends is a treasure you often can’t get your hands on.  With Komae, by sharing babysitting with the friends you already know and trust, your friendships are only going to get deeper.  This depth might come because you’ve dropped your kids off to play so you can grab coffee with someone who you haven’t seen in awhile.  But it could also be that when you’re sharing babysitting with your friends and trusting each other with the most important little people in your life, you’re also brushing shoulders with them more often.  Getting to know what’s going on in their day-to-day and connecting in a way you might not have otherwise.

With Komae, we want you to tap into that community you’re already a part of and really dig your roots deep.  Doing life together with your friends and family is much more rewarding than attempting to go it alone and finding yourself fizzling out trying.

7)  My kids are developing life long friendships.

Ok, ok, enough about Mom!  What about the kids? Are your kids feeling left out when the teenage sitter shows up to “supervise” them while Mom and Dad do something fun?  With Komae, all of that guilt can be swept away.  We’re here to redefine babysitting not just for the parents, but for the kids.

No longer will your children feel pawned off at the arrival of “another sitter” at the door.  Instead, you’ll be giving them a gift by dropping them off for a playdate with their friends!  On the flip-side, when your kids are bored at home with the same-old routine, you can offer YOUR sitting services.  Now your kids have a friend coming over to play, and you are earning Komae points for the next time you need the break.

Komae benefits the whole family. Kids enjoy a playdate with their friends and parents are free to spend their time and money how they please.

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  1. Audrey

    I love all these reasons but I think #5 is the best to me. I tend to plan things last minute and just plain don’t have time to call a mom who has to wait to get a text back from her teen then call me back. Oye. I just want someone to offer to watch my kids because they are free, available, and desire to earn points so they can go out another time with is exactly what Komae does. It is truly guilt-free, quick, and easy! I’ll never look at babysitting the same way thanks to Komae!

  2. Rebecca

    This is great! #1 is most relevant for me! I’m a stay at home mom and now that we are on one income we’ve had to make some tough decisions to maximize our budget and frankly, there is no way we can pay for a babysitter! Thankfully, we have a lot of family close by willing to help out but when the aunts and grandmas are busy we are so very glad we can turn to Komae!

  3. Nikki

    I remember that “drive the sitter home” routine all to well but, as the sitter, not the adult! It was always so awkward…mom had to tend to the kids who were waking up because they heard her come in the door and dad was stuck driving me home. Nothing more weird than trying to make conversation at midnight with a man twice your age who is already feeling annoyed that his date night ended with him as a taxi driver.

  4. Lindsey

    #3 and #6 yes, yes, and more yes.

  5. Daniel

    4 and 5 are not exactly real unless you force yourself to hire children to babysit your children

  6. Isadora

    As a sitter I kinda find this insulting, us teens are just trying to do our best. I babysit my siblings for free and if I had to babysit any other child I would also do it for free and call my mum to pick me up. And I wouldn’t bother other adults for any stuff like that. No hate



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